POP-UP Retail Shops

The retail industry is undergoing tremendous change. Achieving top- and bottom-line growth is a challenge for many, and for some, long-term viability is in question. Today, retailers need to objectively evaluate their roles and value propositions and prioritize the strategies ― both refinements and bold moves ― required to win in the future. JBC & Associates combines deep industry expertise and fact- based insights to identify solutions to complex issues and to build confidence among management teams so they can take informed strategic action.
We work with clients across a variety of strategic issues to deliver actionable insights that lead to high-impact results. Examples include:

  • Strategy: Laying the foundations for top-line growth through corporate strategy design, business development, acquisitions, and format renewal.
  • Commercial Transformation: Creating a compelling commercial offer, including assortment management and pricing and promotions.
  • Operations: Improving the bottom line through lean retailing, optimized sourcing, best practice supply chain management, and efficient store operations.
  • Marketing: Creating tangible value for shoppers by optimizing the marketing mix based on a deep understanding of their needs and values.
  • Organization: Getting ready for sustainable success by building robust organizations, superior skills, and smooth change management processes.

Retailers partner with us to deliver strategies that drive growth, create competitive advantage, unlock profit and value-creation opportunities, and mitigate risk. We have the flexibility and the expertise to create customized solutions for our retail clients, whatever their specific challenges may be.

Event Marketing

As a leader in experiential and event marketing staffing, we work closely with our clients so that they know exactly who is representing them.  JBC Event Staffing helps agencies, brands, and companies across the nation find best-in-class brand ambassadors. We hire and train only the most qualified people; matching their skills with our client’s specific needs to ensure they get exactly who they need. The results speak for themselves: we’ve partnered with many of our clients for many years to take care of their brand ambassador staffing needs.  Whether for Grand Opening Events, Tradeshows or Conventions, JBC Event Staffing has the right solution.