The Food Truck Theory

Like the pop-up store retail industry, food on wheels has been growing exponentially in recent years. Emergent Research forecasts the food truck industry to continue its rapid growth. By 2017 food trucks will generate about $2.7 billion in revenue. This is a fourfold increase from the 2012 food truck revenue estimate of $650 million provided by the National Restaurant Association.

In many ways, the two industries are very much the same. Customers are becoming more attracted to the convenience of finding what they want, when they want it. While pop-ups and food trucks are temporary, people are more likely to stop and shop with them because of the uniqueness of the product, in most cases the affordability of the product, and often the limited window of opportunity to obtain the product or service.

The success of mobile food trucks depends on a variety of factors. They need to maintain a strong identity, have great service, and have a secure inventory management.

Have you ever seen two food trucks side by side, one with a (seemingly) good menu, and one with lots of charm and developed identity? Most customers are apt to shop at the food truck with photogenic food, trending hashtags, and the charismatic exterior. The food might be just as good as the next, but appearance is key. Now, charisma is important but will only get you so far without the right team to serve it. You could have the best food in the business but poor service will deter customers from choosing you. That is why hiring and training is imperative. Food trucks also need to keep in mind of their inventory. “Reducing inventory means a reduction in food cost, so manage your resources carefully” (Mobile Cuisine).

Now stop thinking about food, however hungry you might be, and relate this information to pop-up shops and kiosks.   The pop-up store has become a go-to marketing strategy for retailers looking to extend the brand and introduce new products. The pop-up industry has grown to approximately $10 billion in sales, according to PopUp Republic.  Pretty similar, right? Pop-up stores need all of the same things as food trucks do, just serving a different purpose.  

What is great about JBC & Associates is that we handle these for you. We provide the pop-up locations, the hiring and training to ensure the success of upholding your brand image, and the business support services. We understand your brand and train our employees your custom brand image and tone, exceptional selling techniques, and store operations. It is important to consider all of the factors when setting up your mobile business. With us we make it that much more simple. Think about running your business, without the worry of retail operations. Just focus on your sales! Pop-up stores made simple.