Google’s First Brick-And-Mortar Store Is On The Rise

Google is now delving into territories foreign to its origins. It started from search, shifted into a service and software company, and finally transitioning into a business selling prominent and high-end tech, and hardware being patronized and loved by people around the world.

Rumors about the opening of the online giant’s retail store have been circulating the news. But at this point, it’s crystal clear that Google is ready to enter the retail world by opening its first full-time, avant-garde brick-and-mortar store in Chicago.

The Launch of Google’s Hardware Products

Google is already exploring the retail landscape with similar reasons to Amazon and Apple. With its eight new products including headsets, smartphones, Pixelbooks, Nest Products, Google home voice assistant, tablets, and more, the need for growth in store-based sales became apparent to Google to reach additional consumers in the local market.

In 2011, Google opened its first store in the UK to promote Chromecast, Chromebooks, and Nexus devices. During that time, they rented a small demo section in the Currys PC World, which was tended to by their demo staff.

Later on, they opened another Google Shop in Currys PC World located on Tottenham Court Road. This Google store within a store showcased an exciting and unique “Google Shop Experience” for its consumers. As you walked into the store, you were welcomed with Google’s personal and creative touch. There is a large Doodle wall, where you can create your doodles using plastic spray cans, which would be converted into a GIF that you can upload and share online.

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By 2013, Google posted a job opening on social media to fill up a new “Google Sales Specialist” position for the holiday season. Those who qualified were flown to a special training in Silicon Valley.

These specialists were assigned to small pop-ups located in Best Buy to showcase Google’s best and innovative technologies.

Google’s First Brick-And-Mortar Store Is On The Rise

After testing a brick and mortar model with a pop-up store in both New York and LA Google is heading to something bigger and better. Google is about to open its first-ever brick and mortar store.

Google’s First Physical Store

The Chicago Tribune has confirmed the speculations about Google’s retail flagship store. This will be the tech giant’s first-ever brick-and-mortar store to expand their reach and sell their products.

From pop-up stores to renting spaces from stores such as Best Buy, Google is now in the works for its 14,000 square foot, a two-level store near their Fulton Market Midwest headquarters.

While they started as a cloud-based platform, they believed that physical stores are inevitable.  They understand that a great number of consumers still want to feel and experience a product before making their final decisions.

Just like Apple and Amazon who have dominated the market with their physical stores, Google is now taking a similar route to showcase its growing number of innovative products.

Adding a brick and mortar pop-up stores are concepts that are increasing in popularity for retailers. Consumers are still looking to connect with products through touch and feel. A pop-up store has been adapted as an entry into brick and mortar validation.

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