JBC & Associates and Staramba Announce Strategic Partnership for Retail Development and Management

Staramba 3D Photo Booths Coming to Malls Across North America

Toledo,OH May 19,2017- JBC & Associates LLC, the premier direct to consumer mall Kiosk/Pop Up Retail Marketing Company and Staramba, the German based company providing three-dimensional (3D) figurines and scanners have signed 3-year deal to assist in the development and management of their Staramba Mall/Shopping Center Owner Operator 3-D Scanner/Body Scan Program and to operate some company stores. This program will allow consumers to get body scans for more accurate clothes shopping (both in store and online), create avatars of themselves for online to use in games and social media, and for figurines of themselves. “The technology has improved to such a degree that the avatars and figurines created by the Staramba Booths are so realistic that everyone will want one. We will be actively pursuing Operator candidates for all major markets in the United States in hopes of having over 100 Staramba 3D booths up and running by the end of 2018 “ said Jim O’Neill from JBC & Associates.

Staramba produces high-quality 3D-models for digital and analog uses. They create photorealistic, 3D-printed figurines and with specially trained 3D-artists they bring to life. With the use of state-of-the-art technology, combined with passionate employees, Staramba creates every figurine made of polymer-plaster or computer-animation – to perfection, providing the highest quality. Staramba also offers the corresponding software tool Softgrid for taking, editing and processing pictures. Using polymer plaster composite and based on photogrammetry technology, the Company also produces 3D figurines and characters, such as footballers and rock stars, among others. Its clients include companies from the movie making and theme park industries.”Business meetings, conference calls, weekly family calls… As the world is more mobile than ever, it is hard to meet face to face. Social Virtual Reality is the next big thing and everyone will meet in VR apps with their own avatars” said Thomas Richter, Staramba USA President/CEO.

Toledo, OH based JBC & Associates, LLC, www.jbcassociates.net has programs that provide brands with quick go-to-market blueprints that launch year round or seasonal direct to consumer retail programs. JBC & Associates, LLC enables companies to launch a new product or service with easy entry for brands to reach the American market, launch holiday and major event products, test consumer markets, target new locations, collect important consumer feedback to reach a larger demographic.

About JBC & Associates: ​JBC & Associates is a Retail Marketing Company specializing in direct to consumer mall Kiosk/RMU/Pop-Up store services. JBC’s mission is to enable our partners to efficiently grow their sales, profits and brand recognition in the direct to consumer mall Kiosk/Cart/Pop-Up store environment. JBC & Associates is only company in the U.S. that can take an entrepreneur from the idea stage, to the legal and financing stage, and then to the business operations stage in North America’s premier malls and shopping centers.

About Staramba: Creators of 3D Scanner Technology and 3D photorealistic figurines, mobile scanners, face scanners, scanners on wheels and customized scanners with up to 150 cameras and 360-degree photography. ​

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