Six Year Old Boy Invents Buddy Balls the Award Winning Toy without a Joystick, Swipe Screen or Batteries

Toledo, OH November 2015 – JBC & Associates LLC., the premier direct to consumer mall Kiosk/Pop Up Retail Marketing Company and Creative Toy Company Inc., the licensees of the popular toy Buddy Balls® announced a new retail program in preparation for the 2015 Holiday shopping season. Creative Toy Company selected retail marketing operations experts JBC & Associates LLC to manage the leasing, staffing, daily operations and sales management of the 17 seasonal stores in select mall locations in California, New Jersey, New York and Illinois through December 2015. The Puzzled Bear stores will feature 8 different award winning Buddy Ball plush toys and a wide variety of puzzles and games for grownups and children of all ages.

“JBC & Associates are thrilled to work with Buddy Balls and the Creative Toy Company” said Jim O’Neill, CEO of JBC. “We will provide a new channel build greater brand awareness, connect and attract customers, and make the program easy, fast and profitable.”

Buddy Balls sprang to life from the imagination of a 6 year old boy named Max from Wisconsin, whose school project was to invent “The Greatest Toy Ever Made.” After thinking about all of his favorite playthings, he decided the greatest toy ever made could not be just ONE toy. Instead, why not combine the two he couldn’t live without- one of his sports balls to toss and his favorite bear named “Buddy.” With a little help from his parents, he did just that… and Buddy Balls were born! Buddy Balls are huggable colored bears that convert into a colorful plush toy ball. Made of the softest fur available these toys are always ready for a game of catch or a quick snuggle, and is the ideal companion for the on-the-go child! All of the buddies unzip in the back to reveal a secret compartment perfect for storing all of life’s little treasures. The bears are 16 inches tall (standing) and transform into an 8 inch diameter multi-colored plush ball.

Buddy Balls are now featured on numerous children’s TV stations and is the winner of 6 toy awards including the 2015 Creative Child Magazine Top Toy of the Year in the Plush Category. Toledo, OH based JBC & Associates, LLC, www.jbcassociates.net has programs that provide brands with quick go-to-market blueprints that launch year round or seasonal direct to consumer retail programs allowing access to prime locations at a fraction of the cost of brick and mortar operations.

With more than 25 years combined experience, JBC & Associate’s team has successfully managed varying types of retail operations specializing in turn key operations. The benefits for any retail company or manufacturer wanting to expand their retail presence, JBC & Associates’ programs offer expertise, customer convenience, increased sales and profits. JBC & Associates, LLC enables companies to launch a new product or service with easy entry for brands from outside USA to reach the American market, launch holiday and major event products, test consumer markets, target new locations, collect important consumer feedback to reach a larger demographic.

About JBC & Associates LLC: JBC & Associates LLC is a Retail Marketing Company specializing in direct to consumer mall Kiosk/RMU/Pop-Up store services. JBC’s mission is to enable our partners to efficiently grow their sales, profits and brand recognition in the direct to consumer mall Kiosk/Cart/Pop-Up store environment. JBC & Associates is only company in the U.S. that can take an entrepreneur from the idea stage, to the legal and financing stage, and then to the business operations stage in North America’s premier malls and shopping centers.