JBC & Associates LLC and Entreprenuerial Advisors LLC Launch Tactical and Financial Programs to Assist Product Innovators and Businesses with Kiosk and Pop up Stores

Toledo, OH April 2015- Experts agree that one of the most cost effective direct to consumer sales programs is to operate kiosks, karts or in-line POP-UP stores in the nation’s best shopping centers. Direct marketers and exclusive online retailers recognize the need to offer their customers the same convenience of in store pick up and “look before you buy” opportunities, especially with their more premium offerings. JBC & Associates, LLC, www.jbcassociates.net the premier direct to consumer mall Kiosk/Pop Up Retail Management Company, have announced a new strategic partnership with Entrepreneurial Advisors LLC to offer a full scope of professional and financial services for entrepreneurs to market their products in this focused retail environment.

The challenge for many retailers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs is finding the right financing, management and operations team to achieve their goals and build greater brand awareness in a cost effective manner. For most first time retailers in the popup arena the need is to properly identify and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and minimize their risks in the quest for profits and financial success.

“We are excited to continue to grow our brand and services by partnering with Entrepreneurial Advisors, LLC. With over 40 years of combined experience in the retail industry, specializing in retail marketing, leasing and store operations, JBC & Associates LLC in conjunction with Entrepreneurial Advisors LLC www.entrepreneurialadvisors.com now provide a unique turnkey solution with direct to consumer programs that provide increased knowledge of products, services and assistance with business strategies, venture capital, legal representation, and more,” said JBC’s CEO Jim O’Neill.

As an accountant on the staff of a big six public accounting firm, the General Counsel for an international leasing company and Owner, CEO and General Counsel for a national retailer, Entrepreneurial Advisors’ Joseph M. Purifico combines over 44 years of legal, financial, real estate, accounting, business evaluation, acquisition and sales experience.

“Enabling a client to take their business dreams into reality is the benchmark of Entrepreneurial Advisors. Our relationship with JBC & Associates LLC will allow Entrepreneurial Advisors to provide our clients assistance in all aspects of their business from start up, growth, sales, and acquisitions, legal questions and financing. Our clients are now able to comfortably negotiate all aspects of the business cycle,” said Purifico.

JBC & Associates, LLC has programs that provide brands with quick go-to-market blueprints that launch year round or seasonal direct to consumer retail programs allowing access to prime locations at a fraction of the cost of brick and mortar operations. JBC enables companies to launch a new product or service with easy entry for brands from outside USA to reach the American market, launch holiday and major event products, test consumer markets, target new locations, reach a larger demographic and collect important consumer feedback.