National Program Leverages Loyalty and Connections for Placement in 1,000 Mall Karts/Kiosks Throughout North America

Los Angeles, CA, October, 2014 – Direct to consumer marketing has become the trend today and companies realize the importance of reaching customers and keeping them satisfied. The crucial challenges of reaching those customers and relaying companies brand messaging include improving brand awareness and building a base of well-informed customers that embrace brand loyalty. A direct link to building successful businesses is the amount of a brand’s visibility and accessibility in the marketplace.

Toledo, OH based JBC & Associates, LLC, www.jbcassociates.net has launched a new Product Broker Services division that can have a company’s unique products sold through up to 1,000 mall karts/kiosks throughout the USA and Canada in as little as 60 days. JBC & Associates LLC provides the solution with direct to consumer programs that provide manufacturers their customers with increased knowledge of products, services and ultimately strong brand messaging that builds sales and profits. JBC & Associates LLC quick to market network enables companies to affordably improve brand’s exposure to valuable customers with innovative direct to consumer programs in malls across North America. This comprehensive JBC brokerage program enables companies to launch a new product or service with easy entry for brands from outside USA to reach the American market, launch holiday and major event products, test consumer markets, target new locations, reach a larger demographic and collect important consumer feedback.

“The financial benefits for small and large businesses and entrepreneurs show this brokerage program to be a positive future for the retail environment,” said Jim O’Neill, President and CEO of JBC & Associates. “We have designed this network to provide a complete framework for products and brands. This takes the challenge and cost of staffing and management away from the product developers allowing them easy affordable access to the marketplace in malls across North America.”

JBC & Associates LLC is a Retail Management Company specializing in variable cost retail operating services, taking products directly to the specialty retail mall space for less than what retailers/manufacturers would currently pay in sales commissions and operating costs to manage numerous vendor and customer relationships. The benefits for any retail company or manufacturer wanting to expand their retail presence, JBC & Associates’ programs offer customer convenience, increased sales and profits, opportunities to attract more customers and build greater brand awareness.