JBC & Associates And VRX Networks Announce The Launch Of Motion Picture And Related Entertainment Virtual Reality Kiosks

VRX Virtual Reality Locations Set to Open in July 2017 in Malls Across the US

Toledo, OH July 21, 2017- JBC & Associates Inc., the premier direct to consumer mall Kiosk and Pop Up Retail Marketing Company have been selected by VRX Networks to manage the leasing, staffing, daily operations and sales management of the VRX Virtual Reality Experience mall locations throughout the US opening in July 2017.

“JBC & Associates are the retail marketing operations experts and the JBC team is thrilled to be working with VRX Networks. We look forward to providing our retail management expertise, customer convenience and increased sales bringing this exciting virtual reality experience to consumers.” said CEO Jim O’Neill.

Virtual Reality is the next frontier in the entertainment industry. VRX Networks are the creators of immersive blockbuster virtual reality experiences based on major motion picture and related entertainment companies IP’s for consumers. VRX Networks partners with Hollywood studios to adapt blockbuster features to the VR universe. VRX utilizes innovative virtual reality technologies to deliver memorable experiences to a wide-reaching audiences in entertainment and public venues.

VRX has developed a network of virtual reality kiosks that are highly adaptable to accommodate distribution partners preferences, in movie cinema, shopping malls or theme parks. These turnkey installations are operational within a few hours and become an attractive entertainment destination to audiences and a valuable differentiator for cinema exhibitors and mall developers. VRX virtual reality kiosks will be open during regular mall operating hours. Average ticket prices are $ 8.00 with the VR Experience length 5 to 6 minutes. New virtual reality experiences will be available every 8 to 12 weeks.

Toledo, OH based JBC & Associates, LLC, www.jbcassociates.net has programs that provide brands with quick go-to-market blueprints that launch year round or seasonal direct to consumer retail programs allowing access to prime locations at a fraction of the cost of brick and mortar operations. JBC & Associates, LLC enables companies to launch a new product or service with easy entry for brands to reach the American market, launch holiday and major event products, test consumer markets, target new locations, collect important consumer feedback to reach a larger demographic.


About JBC & Associates: JBC & Associates is a Retail Marketing Company specializing in direct to consumer mall Kiosk/RMU/Pop-Up store services. JBC’s mission is to enable our partners to efficiently grow their sales, profits and brand recognition in the direct to consumer mall Kiosk/Cart/Pop-Up store environment. JBC & Associates is only company in the U.S. that can take an entrepreneur from the idea stage, to the legal and financing stage, and then to the business operations stage in North America’s premier malls and shopping centers.

About VRX Networks: VRX Networks creates immersive and dynamic virtual reality experiences based on major motion picture and television IP’s for the entertainment pleasure of consumers in entertainment and public venues.