With more than 25 years’ experience in retail brand marketing and retail operations, JBC & Associates LLC, has the in-depth retail knowledge and valued industry relationships to help increase your brand awareness and grow your top line sales nationwide.

James O'Neill

Jim O’Neill is currently the CEO of JBC & Associates LLC. He is responsible for developing the company’s strategic direction and delivering on its mission of providing exceptional retail sales and operations services to its clients. Mr. O’Neill is a proven leader in the retail sales management arena, with extensive sales, marketing, leasing and operational expertise. His 25 years of experience covers traditional year-round mall retail sales operations for the nation’s leading health supplement chain, GNC, and most recently, the U.S. and Canadian seasonal kiosk business for Hickory Farms, Inc. While there, he drove the strategic plan to revamp the program from a fixed cost model to a variable cost system — resulting in stronger market competitiveness and increased profits.

Mike Flowers
Chief Financial Officer

Mike Flowers, CFO of JBC & Associates, has over 20 years’ experience in accounting, finance, and operations. His professional and executive roles have been served across an array of manufacturing and retail organizations. His previously held-executive roles as CFO, Corporate Controller and Vice President of Operations, have positioned him to be an extremely well-rounded decision maker. Mr. Flowers encourages fiscal responsibility combined with the common-sense reality of what it takes to run a successful organization. From both a retail and operational perspective, he has lead highly successful product development teams and managed product release schedules during his tenure as Vice President of Operations at XanEdu Publishing. From a finance perspective, Mr. Flowers has provided leadership for companies such as Borders, Johnson Controls, and several private-equity owned organizations.

Neal Konzen
Vice President, Store Planning

Neal Konzen, Vice President Store Planning, has over a 30-year track record in retail store operations and management in both year-round and seasonal stores. For the past 20 years, he was involved in the retail operations of the seasonal kiosk program at Hickory Farms as Director, Retail Operations. Areas of expertise include: Product allocation, labor control and efficiency, budgeting and planning, store fixture design, asset management, and timeline management for 500+ stores. Mr. Konzen is a successful leader as well as a team player with all levels of store supervision. He has a deep appreciation for having a well thought-out plan communicated to the stores and timely supervision, so the stores can maximize sales and profitability.

Mu Lin
Vice President, China Marketing & Operations

Mu Lin, VP of China Marketing and Operations, received his Ph.D. in communication from Temple University in Philadelphia. Mu also has a master’s degree from the School of Journalism at Renmin University of China. Mu has held full-time teaching positions at University of North Florida and Georgian Court University. With his teaching, research and industry expertise, Mu has worked with various clients from China to enter the U.S. market. He helps clients with offline retail, online marketing, social media operation, branding, advertising, media PR and crowdfunding.

Lary Edgell
Vice President, Retail Operations

Lary Edgell, VP of Retail Operations, has over 30 years’ experience in retail store operations and sales management. Throughout his career at well-established retail companies such as Hickory Farms, Lowes, Office Max, MC Sports and Best Buy, Mr. Edgell excelled in development and execution in areas such as staffing, training, labor and payroll management and loss prevention. His depth and breadth of experience includes: Expertise in multi-site management; business planning; business consolidation; P&L/asset management, merchandising and branding and imaging — with a strong customer focus. Mr. Edgell is a catalyst in implementing positive change, utilizing outside-the-box thinking to resolve critical organizational issues and building cross-functional teams that exceed customer and corporate expectations.

Jackie Kirkwood
Vice President, Sales (West)

Jackie Kirkwood is a passionate retailer with over 20 years of relevant experience. She has led various retail companies through start-up, survival, turn-around and growth modes. Among her significant previous positions, Ms. Kirkwood has served as Director of Sales, Director of Operations, Merchandise and Marketing Manager and Recruitment and Training Manager for respected companies such as Hickory Farms and Princess Cruises, as well as launching her own international jewelry and consulting businesses. Her strategic thinking and strong leadership skills have led her to top sales results within every company she has worked for.

Al Sharin
Vice President, Sales (East)

Al Sharin is forward-thinking retail operations executive with 30+ years executing operating and development strategies that drive revenue growth, turnaround underperforming segments, develop new business operations, and increase customer and employee engagement.  Al has a solid record of improving customer experience, corporate culture, overall efficiency, and brand awareness in highly competitive markets across the country.  Al’s career includes working in different retail formats including kiosk, pop up, specialty stores, big box, and airport store locations for retailers including General Nutrition Corporation, Wireless Advocates, Utrecht Art Supplies, Hickory Farms, and Fast Fix Watch & Jewelry Repair.