Thos. Baker, in partnership with JBC & Associates, unveils NJ shop

JBC is pleased to announce the opening of Thos. Baker, the newest storefront in Cherry Hill Mall, NJ!

Thos. Baker is a home furnishing company that has made a name for itself over the years. It offers an extensive collection of premium and casual furniture, decor and outdoor living products designed for both functionality and aesthetics.

Spearheaded by its owner John Thos. Baker IV, Thos. Baker started its operation in 2004 with a goal to manufacture products that are classic, authentic and unique for the American home. Since their goal is to exceed customer expectations, the company places high regards on quality, customer service and value.

It is one of the leading and most trusted catalog and online home furnishing retailers today.

Visit Thos. Baker’s website at, or drop by their store at Cherry Hill Mall.

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