Check Out The Yankee Candle Pop-Up Store

JBC & Associates, LLC enables companies to launch a new product or service with easy entry for brands to reach the American market. We launch holiday and major event products, test consumer markets, target new locations, and collect important consumer feedback to reach a larger demographic for your business.

We are here to help our clients succeed and drive sales. So when our client Yankee Candle opened its very own, pop-up store in SoHo, New York, you bet we were excited for them. We have enjoyed working with “this iconic American Brand grow this holiday season” said Jim O’Neill, CEO of JBC & Associates.

This winter, Yankee candle has opened a truly one of a kind pop-up store experience in a strikingly different appearance from their typical store. According to CNBC, “inside, visitors explore various settings: a forest, a poolside lounge, a field of giant roses and a sideways room that could be a scene in ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ In another room, visitors can use their fingers to guide koi fish on a screen.” The pop-up store sells the traditional candles but features more than simply the Yankee Candle brand. The store sells other products from sister companies also acquired by Newell Brands.

In a millennial driven society, stores need to be bold, unique and experience-centric in order to succeed. Pop-up stores are the perfect way for brands to speak their voice, develop their personality, and sell their products. They are specific and companies are finding everchanging clever ways to drive foot traffic to their stores. Yankee Candle entices customers with customizable candles and New York specific scents only available at the pop-up location. Yankee Candle shared this awesome video, documenting the creation of their pop-up. Check it out!